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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Needing a Break in The Lauren Spierer Case!

Regardless that this is a new blog, with few followers, I am still inclined to put out an urgent appeal for prayer for Lauren Spierer, the Indiana college student who has now been missing for weeks. The last person who claimed to have seen her has left the country and hired a great lawyer. Whatever precipitated those actions can only be speculation, but what is fact is that if Lauren is alive, she needs to be found; if she was killed she needs to be found. No dad or mom wants to have a missing child at all, and definitely not forever. You can help spread the word using facebook, blogs or other means to keep Lauren Spierer in the hearts, minds and prayers of the praying church, and anyone else who wants to help.

Lauren Spierer does not deserve to be another young woman whose case is not solved ever, or for decades. Someone knows what happened to her. I am asking that you would continue praying or begin to pray that the secret things spoken in darkness would be brought to light, that truth would rise and that justice would be fully enabled to function in the ways it needs to for Lauren and her family. Pray for the break in this case, where all the facts would be known, especially where she is. And as you pray for justice, please pray that God would comfort the brokenhearted, as Lauren's family and loves ones must be right now.

Lastly, please also pray that the heart of our culture would be dramatically shifted to Jesus Christ, who is love, who is the only way and only hope. It is his life and light alone that will change a would-be predator's heart to love and mercy before he commits an act of violence. He can keep people from turning to violence. We have way too many headlines in our culture that no parent should have to read. Please pray as never before that the heart of this nation turns to Jesus Christ. He is the only hope, and he is an amazing hope.

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