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Monday, September 19, 2011

Birthdays and Babies- Minimize Stress and Get Creative!

Anyone can create a birthday party for their little ones that they love and it doesn't have to cost much, or anything at all, if you are willing to be creative. A friend mentioned the other day how it seems almost every child these days has a character themed party. While characters have their place, and by the way their napkins, cups and plates are expensive, they don't have to be around to have an amazing, small sized bash. Following are some tips to keep get your creative juices flowing and suggestions on minimizing the stress that can accompany planning and organizing a party.


Small Guest List: My firstborn's birthday party was huge. It was fun, it was beautiful, but it was also tiring. We enjoyed seeing lots of friends, but on a day to celebrate her, I don't think she would have minded if anyone was there or not! Since then we have scaled way back for adult and children's birthdays. If you have lots of friends with children, invite the ones your child plays with most often, or the families with a child the same age.  It is a lot different feeling if you are running late on food preparation with 30 people waiting than having your best friend over who you know will understand and will not mind helping at all. Smaller parties can definitely cut cost and stress.

The Cake

To Bake or Buy: From experience, I would say a birthday is not the time to experiment with new cake recipes, but if you choose to bake something you have enjoyed before it will be hard to go wrong! Sometimes when time is an issue you can save yourself some stress by simply ordering a cake. Although you might be compromising on ingredients, it is only once a year, so who cares. And, you want to enjoy the process of your little one's birthday! Baking your own can definitely save money. If you are artistic even in the slightest you can also decorate it as you desire, but if it tastes good and their is love in your family, you child will have a great day no matter what it looks like.

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