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Friday, April 5, 2013

More To Come!

Hi guys,

Well somehow I let two months go by without posting. I do have good reasons, such as a sudden and major move. I don't know when I will be settled in but I am around boxes. It feels good. We just got done with a rare visit from the stomach flu and just began the GAPS diet for my kids. At any rate, I have not had time to blog!

Here are some topics on my mind that I plan to write on soon.

Raw milk. I get enough questions about it that I think it warrants a post. Why you want to go out of your way to TRACK IT DOWN AND DRINK IT! :)

Ego versus Health. Common things I see that hold us back from learning the truth which can set us free. The rewards of humility that come in being open to consider something new in regards to health. The beauty of embracing the fact that it is beneficial to say we made a bad choice out of lack of knowledge.

Overcoming Allergies. It's been a great season of learning for me and I would love to pass on the wisdom from the wise that I have learned. We don't have to live off meds to survive spring, people! That's good news.

The GAPS Diet. What is it, why are my kids on it and would it help you? What does gut health have to do with everything anyway?

The things I wish I had known about fertility before I got married. That's a big one! I was pretty ignorant. I wish I had been more educated. It would have changed everything.

But tonight, no photos, I am going to bed. Late.

Which reminds me, one more post to be:

Real Sleep. What it looks like and why you need it. Most of the US, I guarantee, is not getting it.

So goodnight! Sleep tight!


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