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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

My Top Picks from the Web This Last Week: Facebook, Google, Pre-Natal, Infertility, Vaccinations, Judge Ruled We Have No Right to Produce or Consume Our Own Food, Raising Kids, Justice Issues, Etc.

Top Picks for the Week


A conversation with a convicted murderer highlights the faith a young girl gained from her parents. Let us never underestimate the power of our lifestyle and testimony before our children.



 Nutrition: General

Nutrition: Fertility, Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

What to take while preggo… Good stuff. My only comment to her advice to take Garden of Life’s raw pre natal is read this first.  I am very careful about my vitamin a and d ratio since the wrong amounts can be toxic and harmful to developing babies. And also, she mentions fish oils, and says not to take cod liver oil. Cod liver oil is one of the most important things a pregnant woman can take. However, she is addressing taking quality fish oils for omega 3’s and such it seems. While cod liver oil is taken for mainly vitamins a and d, it is not a good supplemental fish oil for omega 3's. Costco also sells a Pure Alaskan brand of Alaskan salmon oil, also unrefined. It is not as high quality as the Vital Choice brand, but it is easier on your wallet and one of only a handful of fish oils not destroyed in refinement. Refined fish oils are pretty much worthless. 

Health Care:


RED FLAGS TIMES A ZILLION: CDC plans on phoning every household in the US with children to grill us about our children’s vaccination history. Then, they plan on asking for their doctor’s information and contacting the doctor directly for these records. Massive collecting of personal information.

Surprise knock at the door: In Novato CA visits are made to immunize school children on the spot, with parental consent of course. 


Science and Technology:

Did you know that Facebook is tracking your online movements even when you are not logged in? RED FLAG again… How can we fix that if we don’t even know about it? I learned of this several days after I decided to move my personal life off facebook…. mostly. I will never forget several years ago when I purchased a movie ticket, not logged into Facebook, and the purchase showed up in my news feed. So much for privacy.

9/29/2011 UPDATE: Facebook says it has fixed the cookie issue that was able to track online movements of logged out users. Just need to post what they are saying...

Justice and Prayer:

180 The Movie See what changed these minds in just minutes. Please do not show to children without viewing prior and weighing with their age and maturity because of some disturbing images.

Follow Prayers For Noah Facecchia on Facebook if you are not; also, read here to learn about his case. The hospital wanted to remove this six year old’s breathing tube against the consent of his parents. Thankfully after much prayer and vigilance, he has been granted a tracheotomy. 


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