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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

10 Month Old Lisa Irwin Abducted This Morning

A baby girl, Lisa Iriwn, was abducted from her crib as she slept in her Kansas City home this morning. All appearances point to a stranger abduction, which is extremely dangerous. Please pray for her as if she were yours. Both the father and mother have reported her missing. Please pray for all those who love her and are heartbroken.

And please also use this urgent reminder to pray for the ending of the plague of pornography, abortion and violence that has found a home in our nation. Too many children pay the price for a nation who has let it's morals deteriorate. May Lisa be one of those who has a true miracle, and may God protect other children from such incomprehensible actions.

Praying for her safe return and that the US would become a safe place for our children again. Truly heartbroken.

Neighbor may have seen suspect.

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